Welcome to Camden Eco Points!

Camden Eco Points rewards Camden residents for the sustainable travel choices, and for reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

Explore over 40 activities, split between the Transport and Recycling pages, and compete against other residents to earn Green Points. Each month, 20 residents will win a voucher. 

Get Started

1. Download the mobile app

Search 'Camden Eco Points' in your Google Play or Apple store or follow the links below.
Download on iOS
Download on Android

2. Take part in activities

There are activities on both the Transport page and Recycling page.
Click the 'more info' button next to each activity to find out how to take part in the activity. Some activities require a text or photo submission, whilst others are link clicks, quizzes or weekly ones you can opt in to. Each week you'll receive an email prompting you to log your actions that week.

3. Check the leader board

The leader boards show how you're performing compared to other Camden Eco Points members for your monthly points and total points.

4. Win prizes

By taking part in the programme you can win:

-One of the 10 x £30 vouchers for the 5 top Green Points earners of Recycling activities and 5 top Green Points earners of Transport activities
-One of the 10 x £20 vouchers raffled to 5 members who have done the Report Your Recycling activity, plus one other recycling activity, and 5 members who've done a Transport activity

If you’re a winner, we'll announce you in our monthly newsletter and contact you by email. Winners get to choose from a range of voucher options including M&S, Halfords, Decathlon and the cinema.

Every 12 months we also donate a share of £1,500 to your favourite local charities and projects. You can view our charity and project shortlist and vote for your favourite at any point on our homepage.

Please note: you can win a maximum of one voucher within a 3-month period.

5. Encourage your neighbours to get involved

Spread the word about Camden Eco Points word to people in your community to improve the environment in and beyond Camden!

Please note: only people within the London Borough of Camden are able to join the programme. There can only be one account per household.

6. Any Questions?

Click here to read up on our Frequently Asked Questions page. Should you continue to struggle finding an answer to your questions then please feel free to contact us via our Contact Us page.

Phone: 0207 326 5055
Email: [email protected]
Post: 141-157 Acre Lane, London, SW2 5UA

To request a replacement bin, bag or box, report a missed collection, or to find out your collection day, please visit camden.gov.uk/recyclingandrubbish