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Welcome to Recycling Rewards

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Camden Recycling Rewards provides benefits for you and your community for your efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. The more you do, the more Green Points you earn and the more money you can win for local charity and community projects.

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How it works

Earn Green Points by reducing, reusing and recycling as much as you can and by taking actions on the website. 

We measure the amount of waste and recycling being produced in Camden; when more is being recycle and less being thrown away we award Green Points.

Rewards for your community

Every 6 months we'll be giving £5,000 to local charities and you can vote for your favourite from a shortlist. More votes = a bigger share of the prize money!

Rewards for you

Every month we give out £30 vouchers to the residents that earn the most Green Points. You can choose which voucher you'd like from a selection.

You’ll also be sent a Camden Recycling Rewards card when you activate, which can be used to get discounts in over 100 local businesses across Camden – everything from hairdressers and cafes to shops and services!

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